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 Post subject: “I found out [J Crew] was coming and I was so annoyed [that
PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:10 pm 
In July, the RCYC preserve on the island is stately girls party dresses paradise. Children play on a swing tied to a grand old chestnut tree, and guests dine on the sprawling outdoor balcony of the two-storey white wooden clubhouse, built 1919, a throwback to the antebellum South. We change, board Pendragon, Liz Naumovski, the company’s vice-president of marketing, pulls up the fenders, and Tom casts us off. We then motor back to the launch dock on the mainland to pick up Brendan, a late arrival.Speaking of Adam, let’s talk about the boys. While it would be out of character for Hannah’s beau to be in anything but well-fitting jeans and a muscle-highlighting plain tee (if he’s got anything on top at all), this week’s episode of Girls featured another delightful appearance from Elijah, in all his button-downed, Bermuda-shortsed pretty glory. Ebon Moss-Bachrach, in a cameo as Adam’s new castmate, Desi, was a little bit artsy, a little bit rock and roll in two days’ worth of 5 o’clock shadow and all-over denim – with a motorcycle to boot.“My mom’s biggest fear was that I was going to drown in the dress, because once it got wet it would be 50 pounds and it would drag me to the bottom,”?Caylee?told the Vancouver Sun. “So, I put a life-jacket underneath the dress to make her happy.”Relations between the two countries are frosty after South Africa allowed former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide to go home, despite a personal appeal from Barack Obama to detain him until after a presidential run-off election Washington feared he would destabilize. Zuma has also criticized party dresses for teens the NATO airstrikes in Libya, which Washington supports.Re: B.C.’s Debt Used Against Teachers, Brian Hutchinson, Sept. 10.It used to be that governments (provincially and municipally) went after the three big unions that represented teachers, firemen and nurses. Today, they just go after teachers. I guess the thinking goes that you don’t upset the firemen, for they may one day have to save your house, and don’t upset the nurses, for they may one day have to care for you. But teachers? Let’s go get them. They make enough. And all those holidays? What up with that?Thatcher’s free-market policies transformed and divided Britain, unleashing an outpouring of creative anger from her opponents. A generation of British comedians, from Ben Elton to Alexei Sayle, honed their talents lampooning Thatcher.Re: This Side Of Eden, Father Raymond J. De Souza, April 21.I consider voting a “sacred” duty and unlike Father Raymond J. De Souza, I have no problem casting my vote on Good Friday. Perhaps he would share a list of appropriate behavior for religious holidays? And no, the worldly and the sacred are not necessarily on opposite ends. Kjell Nilsen, Victoria.“I have no idea what I am looking for but I just had to see what was here,” she said.

The Victoria, B.C. resident moved away from Toronto recently but was vacationing in the city. “I found out [J Crew] was coming and I was so annoyed [that I’d moved],” she said, laughing. “Then I found out that they were opening while I’d be back here.”We all read wedding party dresses and dissected and argued over Kate Bolick’s Atlantic cover story — published in October — on why, oops, we’re not getting married. Google “All the Single Ladies” and the story comes up first — before even its Beyoncé-hit-song namesake. That’s really saying something, isn’t it, about how concerned we 21st-century types are with getting married, or not, and whether or not “not” is all right.

In last weekend’s New York Times, there was an op-ed challenging the belief that 70% of black women remain single; the author, Angela Walker, used the term “marriage crisis.” Unlike Bolick, Walker dared breathe no suggestion that if the institution of marriage is limping, maybe we should just walk away. Some of us do. But the majority remain stuck with a lifelong attachment to lifelong attachment.American Sniper’s Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) is an all-American boy raised in rural Texas with strong Christian values and a passion for firearms.

His father imparts strict lessons about the difference between sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves—and the importance of finishing a fight. And indeed, in his memoir, Kyle credits paternal influence for his black-and-white morality.Christian Bourque, executive vice-president of Léger Marketing, said the closest parallel might be across the ocean — France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni. “But she was, quote-unquote, just a folk singer,” he said of Bruni.

Montreal Fashion Week closed last Thursday, showing styles for next fall and winter. Here are some moments, quotes and questions that stand out in the blur.

“I found out [J Crew] was coming and I was so annoyed [that I’d moved],” she said, laughing

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